Rachael Ivy


Hi there!! My name is Rachael & I am born & raised in Southern California. I’m a big believer when it comes to doing things you love and that fill you up. Capturing raw moments & candid smiles does just that.



My power color is mustard yellow. My favorite show is the Office. I really enjoy planning, even with the stress it can bring. I love Mumford & Sons so much that I’ve seen them live about 7 times…and counting. I love animals, especially my cat dog, Mochi, who’s really just a cat but acts a lot like a dog. I enjoy trendy restaurants and cute meals with loved ones. Oh, and plants, I looove plants.



When we work together, I want to make you feel comfortable so your authenticity shines through. I like to learn about you and your story, what brought you here, how you met your special someone, etc.

Together, we talk through shoot locations, outfits and our combined vision to create some of the most epic shots yet! As someone who loves aesthetics, colors & design, I believe it’s important to capture all of this & you as your true self.


Feel free to shoot me a message so we can create together!